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LOW ENERGY - The Melbourne Occult Society
where the hidden Melbourne meets....
*mod note* this post is great and should best be placed here.* Azraelviridain.

From: drepix Date: August 8th, 2006 04:44 am (UTC)

Hi All,
Anyone else in need of cleansing, inside and out? My patients seems to be at an all time low, normally i am very patient but the weekend just gone i was pissed. It felt good too, something in the stars? My own clearing, i dont know.
Spring is coming so maybe its just the drudges through winter clearing.
Normally i dont get swept up in chaos but never say never.
It is my understanding that we dont see spirits as such unless we also are being weighed down or our energy is low, hmmmm, seems mine is low and i do need to clear my house/body....
Ive been seeing beings, earthy types, in my home and out and, i am seeing people about the place, old and young....this does disturb me because as i say, it tells me my energy is very low.
Anyone else feeling the same lately?
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