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Tantra in Australia - The Melbourne Occult Society
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Tantra in Australia
Hey all,
I'm rather hoping there might be someone on this community that can help me, because The Intertron isn't being particularly forthcoming and I'm not having a lot of luck in the Real World either. So I figured while I'm tracking down a couple of leads I'd ask around here.
I'm in Melbourne, Australia, and I'm looking to start studying Hindu Tantra properly, and I was wondering if anyone here knew of any local groups or gurus who might prove helpful. I'm not interested in "sacred sexuality", or "couples workshops" or any of that New Agey stuff, but it's all that seems to keep cropping up, and the Hindu group I contacted seemed to take a rather poor view of Tantric practice. If anyone knows anything useful, I'd be much obliged.

I've crossposted this a little, so apologies if it clogs your page. I've tried to keep it short!
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