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The Melbourne Occult Society
where the hidden Melbourne meets....
On Tues. evening July 17th 2007 between 9:11pm and 10:11 pm
local EST time there will be a worldwide meditation to be
conducted simultaneously by many lightworking groups over that
single one hour period, the timing of which is based on Greenwich
Mean Time between 11:11am and 12:11pm. The purpose of this is to
bring in powerful healing energies to this planet by firing up its
magnetic grid system (all it takes is just one hour of your
The Melbourne venue for this very important meditation is at:
Prana House,

Level 1/885 High St.,

Thornbury 3071,

Victoria, Australia.
It is most important to go into the website:
http://firethegrid.com/eng/home-fr-eng.htm in order to study the
fantastic near death experience of an Eastern Canadian woman and
the Lazarus type resurrection of her infant son after being dead
for three days, after which her spirit guide/guardian angel
instructed her to bring healing to the entire planet very much
along the same lines as to how her son was brought back from the
Please pass this message on to all your contacts including those
living overseas, as I feel that this is a major lead-up to the
coming earth changes with the understanding that Dec. 2012 is just
5½ years away.

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Hey all,
I'm rather hoping there might be someone on this community that can help me, because The Intertron isn't being particularly forthcoming and I'm not having a lot of luck in the Real World either. So I figured while I'm tracking down a couple of leads I'd ask around here.
I'm in Melbourne, Australia, and I'm looking to start studying Hindu Tantra properly, and I was wondering if anyone here knew of any local groups or gurus who might prove helpful. I'm not interested in "sacred sexuality", or "couples workshops" or any of that New Agey stuff, but it's all that seems to keep cropping up, and the Hindu group I contacted seemed to take a rather poor view of Tantric practice. If anyone knows anything useful, I'd be much obliged.

I've crossposted this a little, so apologies if it clogs your page. I've tried to keep it short!
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*mod note* this post is great and should best be placed here.* Azraelviridain.

From: drepix Date: August 8th, 2006 04:44 am (UTC)

Hi All,
Anyone else in need of cleansing, inside and out? My patients seems to be at an all time low, normally i am very patient but the weekend just gone i was pissed. It felt good too, something in the stars? My own clearing, i dont know.
Spring is coming so maybe its just the drudges through winter clearing.
Normally i dont get swept up in chaos but never say never.
It is my understanding that we dont see spirits as such unless we also are being weighed down or our energy is low, hmmmm, seems mine is low and i do need to clear my house/body....
Ive been seeing beings, earthy types, in my home and out and, i am seeing people about the place, old and young....this does disturb me because as i say, it tells me my energy is very low.
Anyone else feeling the same lately?
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Welcome to the Melbourne Occult Society. This community was created to further the Melbourne occult scene through discussion and community interaction via Livejournal. The discussion is expected to be organic. Any topics relevant to the occult and Melbourne in particular are welcome. Spaming will not be tolerated.

Happy posting.
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